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Volume: Turning Your Back on Crime Can be Deadly...
By: Paul Ferris, Reg McKay
Format: Paperback

List price: £9.99

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ISBN 10: 1845020618
ISBN 13: 9781845020613
Pub. date: 4 October, 2005
Pages: 256
Synopsis: The Conspiracy Continues ...Paul Ferris ruled crime in Scotland. He had links to London firms, Manchester gangs and Liverpool faces. He?d been accused of murdering The Godfather?s son, Fatboy, and found not guilty. Some cops talked of killing him. But when he was released from prison in 2002 he told the world and the waiting press that he was walking away from his life of crime. But would they let him? As soon as his car sped away, the journalists were after him. And they weren?t the only ones ...Vendetta tells the astonishing inside story of what happened next to Paul Ferris. And it?s a story of international gangsters, hit contracts, murders, bank scams, Essex-boy torturers, corrupt politics, crack-head hit-men, knife duels, securi-wars, drugs, guns, Yardies, terrorists and more. In Vendetta, Paul Ferris slashes open the underbelly of Britain?s streets and exposes the dark forces that police them as well as revealing the truth about what really happened to him and about the conspiracies and corruption that won?t leave him alone. For years, new enemies and old foes have tried to silence Paul Ferris. But it?s Ferris who?s here to tell the tale while many of them are not.And some tale it is.
Illustrations: 8-page b/w plate section
Publication: UK
Imprint: Black and White Publishing
Returns: Returnable
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