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By: Christian O'Connell, Christian O'Connell
Format: Downloadable audio file

List price: £6.99

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ISBN 10: 0007288530
ISBN 13: 9780007288533
Pub. date: 15 September, 2008
Edition: Abridged edition
Description: 'Women have Bridget Jones. Men have no one. Until now.' Ricky Gervais
Synopsis: 'Women have Bridget Jones. Men have no one. Until now.' Ricky GervaisIn the best-selling tradition of Clarkson and Moyles, this is TV and Radio personality Christian O'Connell's take on all things men.For ten years Christian has dispensed his wisdom and advice to millions of lucky radio listeners on every topic conceivable. It was when he saw his wife reading and laughing at a book `How to Kill Your Husband' that he realised he had to write this book.In his sage opinion, men need to be saved from themselves. Women need to understand men better and stop hating them and men need to make sense of why they are they way they are.'The Trouble With Men' reveals some hard but hilarious truths about the male race. Who do men actually look to for inspiration? The Hoff? Simon Cowell? James Blunt? Why do men behave in that odd way at barbecues? Why can a man have his heart broken a thousand times by his football team and yet still forgive them more than he would a woman?With his outspoken humour and his ironic take on life, Christian explores male-dom, celebrating all that is great about being a man and unravelling the mysteries of masculinity that have stumped women for centuries.Includes:* Superheroes - all of them let us down. Here's why.* The Ultimate History of Men... from caves to Ikea.* The Man Test - a highly unscientific flow chart to determine just how confused you are right now.* The Perfect Man - if Apple designed men...* Men and Cooking - the most important part of nutrition. TV snacks.* What We Want from Women - show up naked. Bring beer.* Rules and Codes - the unwritten, never discussed rules about how to behave in bathrooms, cars and out and about* Men and Sex - `touch them there and they love it.'* Imagine a World Without Us - heaven or hell?* Communication - friend and foe.* What's the Point of Us? - enough with the slagging off. Here's what we rule at...
Publication: UK
Imprint: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Returns: Non-returnable
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