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ISBN 10: 0572046987
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Publisher: FOULSHAM
Pub. date: 20 November, 2017
Synopsis: Brit Guides - the undisputed experts in Disney holidays. Experience the magic of Disney World with the No.1 best-selling guide to Orlando. This all-encompassing, authoritative Brit Guide Orlando 2018 is packed our exclusive `Brit Tips' ideal to help you get the most out of your stay. Let us help you plan your perfect trip to Orlando. We include step-by-step arrangements that have been carefully planned to ensure you enjoy every minute of your magical adventure. Your Brit Guide Orlando 2018 includes: Brit Tips - our legendary personal, insider tips give you the best advice to ensure you spend time making the most of your magical adventure; Great value advice - we give you advice on the most economic dates through the year, cost effective ways to get there, the best hotels for every budget; Perfectly planned itineraries supported with GPS maps - all the itineraries are tailored to your interests so you can create a perfect day out and spend time doing what you want to do and avoiding the things you don't; The best restaurants - keeping up your energy levels is essential so our restaurant advice is just what you need if you want to grab a bite on the go, take a well-earned rest and watch the world go by or treat yourself to something special at the end of an adrenaline-fuelled day; Full-colour photographs throughout - Brit Guide Orlando is packed with full-colour photos bringing the all the parks to life. If you're planning ahead this is a perfect way to get a real taste of what's in store and what to look out for while you're there; Additional information - we also include QR codes throughout the guide with links to key websites so you always have access to the latest information on seasonal changes, changes in hotel prices etc. Let the Disney experts, Simon & Susan Veness, show you around Orlando. Ideal for first-time or seasoned visitors, the comprehensive coverage and unique `Brit Tips' will ensure you see everything this fantastic destination has to offer. Whether you need advice on how to use FastPass, where to stand to see the best fireworks or the ideal location for watching the parades, Brit Guide Orlando 2018 is all you need to make the most of your dream holiday.
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